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Aequos is a TFM Group company with a core aim to simplify the way in which Enterprise WAN’s (Wide Area Network) are delivered in a changing technology landscape.
Application Enablement
Create the right network at the right bandwidth for your business applications. Simplify and accelerate the way in applications are delivered to your organisation and end-users with SD-WAN.


Aequos is focused on technology that powers business progress and helps organisations create the right technology landscape for future growth.

Aequos combines a fundamental understanding of industrial and administrative business processes across different system environments with a vision and commitment to the enablement and development of the digital footprint and the “Internet of Everything” underpinned by SD-WAN.

We are committed, passionate about what we do and are experts knowing that with our technology and services model we have already proven that we can enable companies of all sizes, across all sectors to simplify and streamline the adoption of the next generation Hybrid WAN. Our business first model is designed to meet the demands of modern day application and end-user requirements.

It is not a matter of will your organisation implement SD-WAN but when?

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The challenge to modern technology delivery

Changing-Cyber-threat-profile Changing Cyber threat profile
Empower-Business-Agility Empower Business Agility
Application-Landscape-has-shifted Application Landscape has shifted
  • Current network architecture such as MPLS is more than a decade old and is therefore not up to today’s challenges. This marked with an increase in connected devices, end-user mobility, cloud models and changes in the traditional business security perimeter leads to a new requirement.
  • What this essentially means is that current network infrastructure is unable to comply with the security requirements or with current business models which require fast response times, unavailable over a traditional inflexible networks, without significant cost.
  • Cloud adoption has transformed the security boundaries in organisations. SD-WAN allows application-based policies where full visibility into who is using the network, and what applications are being accessed, regardless of location or device as well as eliminating edge security appliances and all the complexity involved in managing a complex estate.
  • Enforce compliancy to ensure network and applications continuously stay in within the boundaries of business and security policies
  • Our view is that the network should deliver Agility to the business and not hinder what can and cannot be done.
  • Today’s cloud and digital delivery model has effectively centralized resources and SD-WAN provides the perfect centralized model, no matter how complex your technology landscape is.
  • Performance and security should not be sacrificed as result of businesses moving to the cloud therefore business security policies can be implemented in the right framework – not sacrified or bypassed
  • Right scale the network and bandwidth resources to match the business priority of every application in every location, whether HQ, Branch or home and mobile workers
  • SD-WAN frees you from the traditional inconveniences and constraints of MPLS networks and bundles security, performance and connectivity between cloud and office, which significantly improves the experience for users in remote offices when they use SaaS or cloud-base applications.
  • The emergence of SaaS and Cloud-based applications is raising the bar for traditional networks as businesses strive to gain increased agility with the new service model of “on-demand software”. The same principle applies to the enterprise network
  • Our SD-WAN offering allows for the network to evolve organically delivery a faster, more robust end-user experience for Line of Business Applications.

Make the network choice that fits your business

Aequos delivers comprehensive skills and resources for network transformation. The choices any organisation makes will depend on your own digital transformation journey. With our proven delivery model combined with a deep knowledge of the sectors we serve, we will ensure that your networking decisions are informed, sustainable and tuned to your business objectives.


Providing the overall coordination and orchestration services needed to ensure network resources perform according to business objectives.


Enable Cloud applications

Giving you the space to rapidly decide, build, roll-out cloud native applications


Application Transformation

Ensure that legacy and line of business applications and data continue to business value in the new cloud landscape


SD-WAN Infrastructure Services

Scope, implement and augment network services required by specialised sector practices and regulatory needs


Transform Technology Services

Undertake migration projects from legacy to cloud services with hybrid transitions


No organisation can achieve digital transformation without SD-WAN

Accelerating digital transformation for the increasing real-time economy

Be able to react, adapt and make complex networking decisions in minutes rather than weeks.

Mobility, analytics, cognitive, and the internet-of-things. These are the technologies and practices which underpin digital transformation all of which need to be driven with SD-WAN at the core.

Over the years, legacy networks on which most organisations rely on becomes a barrier to achieve the agility and simplicity needed to succeed in the digital economy.  Very few organisations can exploit digital transformation without making SD-WAN the cornerstone.

Aequos delivers a rigorous and comprehensive suite of orchestrated hybrid network services to ensures the agility, scalability and security required by any organisation committed to digital transformation.


With our integrated and tool-based approach, Aequos transforms and manages your network landscape like no other provider
We provide a detailed coherent and robust environment for wholescale network transformation, development and ongoing management. Our approach and methodology is underpinned by our focus on business outcomes and not traditional technical metrics.

24 x 7 Availability

With our UK and global support model we simplify management, reduce costs and improve performance with modular SD-WAN services. Our multi-channel service management framework enables us to tackle incidents and changes across heterogeneous technology environments. Proactive management and trend analysis allows us to identify service impacting issues and network outages before they become business impacting. By using SD-WAN technologies we can therefore can provide industry leading SLAs of 99.999% availability. Our solutions are designed to help reduce unplanned downtime, improve global agility, simplify management and provide the right business technology network.


Hybrid Network Service Operations

Managing networks is becoming increasingly complex with the organisations adopting new technologies and attempting to seamlessly integrate and operate disparate networks. We provide real-time operational dashboards with granular application visibility continuously mapping network flows, performance issues and outages. With our SD-WAN analytics platform we are able not only able to keep your network running we can provide a synthetic view of what applications are doing, whether they are service impacting and then reacting appropriately. Our modular building block approach also allows for us to correlate security events indicating compromises that can impact end-user service. We are therefore able to bring together the pieces under on centralised management system.



WAN transformation should be easy; however for most organisations it proves to be a painfully, slow and costly experience leading to prolonged on-boarding time-frames, uncontrolled costs, and ultimately poor end-user experience.

In the majority of cases, this is down to poor upfront analysis with an initial a model loosely defined on approximate speeds and ports without the synthetic data to make real business decisions.

At Aequos we work with closely with our clients starting with an understanding on IT strategy and enterprise architecture driven by business outcomes. Only then are we in a position to make informed decisions on what the best fit SD-WAN service is and how migration can occur.

The Aequos transformation methodology accelerates time to value of implementing the right WAN through the enablement of business process improvements. Our experts plan, design, develop, implement, integrate and drive adoption of the next generation network.

Sectors we operate in


Public Sector

With increasing budgetary constraints, and the need to deliver better service with less resource, public sector organisations are under continual pressure to maximise efficiency. That coupled with enabling the digital workplace, more demanding users and the need for a 24x7 Digital Citizen experience means network services must adapt. We have provided a number of public sector organisations assistance in adopting the correct WAN technology. Whether this is migrating wholescale from MPLS to adopting the right Hybrid SD-WAN strategy, our team provides thought-leadership and valuable insight. We factor in key architectural principles without compromising on the end to end security requirements and core building blocks of the organisation; whether in Local or central government.



The delivery of Healthcare is about to change beyond recognition. The industry is changing and becoming increasingly dependent on new technology to improve efficiency and productivity. The acceptance of cloud based technologies is uniting the way in which organisations are transforming the way they treat patients through the use of connected devices to core business applications. Nevertheless, cloud services in healthcare are considered high-risk for security breaches. Healthcare organisations must therefore adapt to the changing profile and deliver a WAN that meets both patient and business needs. Our team acts for a wide range of clients, including NHS trusts and private care providers.



The Retail industry faces a common problem with varying regional geographies, differing connectivity requirements per location for their distributed stores. Companies within the retail sector face unique connectivity challenges and sourcing a single service provider to cover all locations can prove to be expensive, restrictive and often problematic. This coupled with a lack of IT staff in each location can lead to extended outages should they occur, which can and should be avoided. In addition the need for more focused solutions for retail customers with engagement through Social Media means the WAN now has to adapted quickly and with agility. The Aequos SD-WAN service is designed to solve common issues in this sector with services delivered seamlessly over best fit combinations of xDSL, 4G LTE and DIA (Direct Internet Access) with granular service levels for each location.


Private Sector

We work across many Private Sector clients, helping our clients navigate the rapidly changing network landscape as it evolves. Our focus is to streamline the adoption, implementation and operation of next generation WAN services without compromising on core business concerns of cost, security and flexibility. Our in-depth knowledge of WAN products and relationships with key strategic suppliers ensures that a tailored SD-WAN solution is delivered, enabling organisations to focus on their core business. Organisations that rely on a reliable and high-performance connectivity to their data centre, public cloud, or to SaaS based applications now more than every depend on their Wide Area Network that is robust with predictable performance.   Historical WAN architectures with single points of failure, basic load-balancing poor application fail-over strategies and zero application visibility are falling short in meeting the demands of today’s users.   Our SD-WAN services allows for all IT departments to right scale the WAN based on the bandwidth, application criticality and most importantly the end user. Whether the drivers are cost savings or increased network agility we have a range of services that span across multiple vertical sectors.

Managing and optimising

your SD-WAN requires an exceptional partner

Industry Insight

Whether in Healthcare, retail or public sector our specialist industry experience and accelerators are the fast track to success.


Change Management

Your business and importantly WAN never stops. We make transitioning to SD-WAN technologies seamless and effective.



Our SD-WAN infrastructure coupled with years of networking expertise ensure you have a foundation for innovation and growth with a nextgen network.



We are solely focused on creating the right SD-WAN for your business and our team of global experts have unique accelerators to help unleash your network.

The SD-WAN story

As organisations move towards a ‘cloud and digital by default’ strategy where applications and data sources are now distributed between in-house data centres, public clouds or SaaS providers, traditional WAN’s are lagging behind.

This combined with the need to deliver great end-user experiences and the perpetual challenge of IT budget constraint, the advantages of flexibility and scalability of SD-WAN become obvious and extremely compelling.

SD-WAN enables organisations to augment or replace trusted, but now legacy networks like MPLS, with secure, optimised Internet-enabled connectivity to provide application and user centric networks for your digital and cloud journeys.

The Aequos SD-WAN optimised network eliminates the application performance problems caused by latency and automatically recovers when any carrier errors occur.

Our managed SD-WAN service provides the perfect platform for our customers to focus on delivering their business outcomes, safe in the knowledge their WAN is capable of providing the scale, performance and agility for their evolving needs.

In addition our customers are now demanding deeper insight into application performance, where issues arise and where bottlenecks inhibit performance, particularly if applications have migrated to the clouds.

With our SD services Aequos delivers exceptional service experience on, without removing customer control with the embedded benefit of allow real-time changes to respond to business needs.


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Reliable and secure


Cost Effective


Experienced team

About us

Aequos is a privately owned, dynamic young company where our shareholders work supporting our customers on a daily basis, with one primary goal; “Delivering the Future Network, Now” through innovation, dedication and passion.

We have innovative approach to delivering business technology solutions and its adoption within the market and are constantly evolving our delivery models to meet the challenges of todays technology needs.

At Aequos our methodology accelerates time to value of new innovations and process improvements using the latest technologies and solutions. We work with our clients at a synthetic level; firstly starting with a cloud enabled technology strategy and enterprise architecture driven by business outcomes.

We are then in a position to make sensible informed decisions on what the future state of the network should look like, whether this is Hybrid, or more traditional connectivity.

As thought-leaders within the SD-WAN technology marketplace we ensure that every layer of the Aequos business takes ownerships of the end to end service with these core principles in mind and therefore delivering best in class solutions to our customers.

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