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OK – first of many blogs from us on the topic of SD-WAN, which is pretty much all we focus on and rightly so because it’s one of the most exciting technologies to hit the WAN market in a very long time.

You many have noticed that right now, there is no shortage of SD-WAN ‘vendors’ out there in the market and, as always follows, no shortage of experts who have emerged from the woodwork to tell you how you should deploy it.

So, the purpose of these blogs is to share our views on the current SD-WAN market and more importantly where customers are in their current thinking on SD-WAN deployments.

We’ll throw in some technology and feature overviews of course but primarily we want to help you make better decisions about the technology adoption and where it might work for you.

Rather than go for the jugular and start with “what is SD-WAN”, let start more gracefully in these blogs are help you understand where to go to get what you want.

But ….. because SD-WAN is such an exciting and rapidly maturing market opportunity, opinions on what SD-WAN is, varies significantly according to who is trying to push you their wares.

So, through the course of these blogs I’ll try and unpick some of the messaging from the vendors, carriers, analysts and industry bodies to help with your research on SD-WAN and who to decide to work with.

Firstly, it’s always good to get feedback on the blogs so please feel free to email or contact with me on social media. Also, if you have any questions or wanted to talk about your strategy, feel free to get in touch too.

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Let’s get going …
OK – first of many blogs from us on the topic of SD-WAN, which is pretty much all we focus on...
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