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We’re always interested to know why customers are looking at SD-WAN and the motivators for their initial research. It can come from many angles but the top three that we regularly see are as follows:

Carrier exhaustion – (OK it’s our in-house phrase but that is the sentiment). Customers are frustrated with their current ‘connectivity’ supplier, the service they are getting, and even more so, for the price they are paying. It’s all too common to hear the negativity around these suppliers and how customers feel trapped in a long term contract that limits their ability to react to the new business demands and models. I’m going to write a separate blog on what to expect when you tell them you are looking at SD-WAN. It’s been fun being involved in many of these engagements already and hopefully it will help you speed up your decision process.

Cost Saving – Yep, you know what, SD-WAN can offer significant savings if you are able to fundamentally shift from existing expensive connectivity to more cost-effective circuits. In a straight fight in this scenario – internet circuits with an SD-WAN overlay will normally work out cheaper – it’s true. But – I’ve not met a customer yet that wants a replacement of their WAN, with a like for like, just on a pure cost down basis. They always want more bandwidth, resilience, security and agility and at that point, the financial savings may not be as heralded by the SD-WAN players.

Cloud Readiness – As we all start, or continue, to move our workloads into the ‘cloud’ the old network architecture is starting to bare it’s teeth. You’re probably being sold the benefits of a big fat on-ramp directly from your network into the hosting DC, you know what I’m talking about. But they ain’t cheap and does it really offer you the agility you need, or are you potentially sleep walking in to a ‘cloud-locked’ scenario? The brighter kids in the class have seen the future and realise that there might be a better way to build an agile WAN for cloud transformation.

Right, we’ve put these three out there and if any of these resonate with, well it’s for a good reason.

Give us a call or email us and we will happily help you navigate these and with your potential SD-WAN project.

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