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The importance of a secure SD-WAN solution

Over the last year, the pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. This has ranged from trying to protect their previously projected growth, to accepting that the logistics of their workforce has changed forever. A logistical change within the workforce leads to added security pressures that have to be addressed to protect critical applications within the organisation. Aequos’ SD-WAN solution eases this pressure, and allows for a hybrid workforce to continue without the concern of security breaches.

Making sure your network is secure is now also important in providing employee satisfaction through flexible working. According to an article published by Forbes, a huge 85% of employees would prefer a hybrid workforce in the future. This has changed SD-WAN’s status from a potential luxury to an essential part of any technological infrastructure.

High regulatory industries have a significant interest on securing data. Traditional security solutions have simply not been enough for many organizations. Traditional solutions do not possess the flexibility, performance, or inter-connectivity that a SD-WAN model demonstrates. As a consequence, data is being left in a vulnerable position and is being used to inflict damage on organisations.

The value a secure SD-WAN solution brings

An important element of deploying SD-WAN is business value. Business value will be achieved when the organisations security system is scalable and auditable. A successful security strategy is one that is measurable and focused upon results. A security system of this standard allows data security to be turned into an important investment that eliminates risk and delivers a significant contribution to organisation value. The value that a secure SD-WAN solution will bring is also visible through its assistance towards management and security teams. By deploying a secure overlay, separate to the underlying network infrastructure, security teams will gain total control and visibility into the security operation. Consequently, by increasing visibility security teams are much better positioned to deal with an attack as real time monitoring is taking place. Real time monitoring substantially improves the response time towards an attack, limiting the damage that can be caused, adding true value to the business.

The result of a secure SD-WAN

  • Protection against direct threats
  • In order to protect against direct threats, extensible network security needs to be implemented at the edge of the WAN. Part of the security solution will be NGFW, as well as filtering and tunnel encryption.

  • Trust
  • The trust element of a secure SD-WAN revolves around ensuring that the correct users and devices are matched to the correct security policies and applications.

  • Traffic Visiblity
  • The ability to control all internal, inbound, and outbound traffic with bespoke overlay. This knowledge along with views into the data is essential, particularly if the data and tunnels are encrypted with transport layer security.

  • Security Management
  • SD-WAN greatly simplifies the task of security and management teams, providing a single pane of glass that the network can be orchestrated from. The orchestration of the network provides analytics that deliver warnings to businesses of any issues that are present.

  • Aequos secure SD-WAN services
  • Aequos SD-WAN, focuses on security driven networking that allows SD-WAN and network firewalls to combine in one solution. This is deployable across all branches, campuses, homes and multi cloud premises. Aequos SD-WAN is unique and different from other SD-WAN solutions. The solution runs in every public cloud environment and is the only SD-WAN that is able to perform in all operational technology environments. As a result, secure connectivity is superior, from the end-user and WAN edge through to the data centre and cloud.

In comparison, traditional WANs may utilise carrier MPLS type connectivity to organisations data centres for all applications and security, resulting in a premium price for connectivity. Operational complexity and limited visibility add to management overhead, as well as presenting added problems trying to prevent security breaches.

Integrating an organisations infrastructure and security allows a company’s network to transform at scale without sacrificing security. The security is consistent across flexible perimeters, combining NGFW with advanced SD-WAN. A big advantage of this strategy is that it prevents MPLS backhaul and enables a better user experience without disregarding security.

Finally, a single simplified console controls the networking and security needs. This extends SD-WAN into wired and wireless access points of branches, allowing greater network security and controls on a consistent basis into branch LAN networks. The consistent nature of the security, along with an incredibly reliable network is the driving force behind the success of Aequos SD-WAN. Being able to support a hybrid workforce comes with a security demand. However, what many businesses are noticing is that a secure SD-WAN not only provides immediate value but also long-term savings.