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UCaaS and the transformation to cloud


What is UCaaS?

UCaas – The acronym of Unified Communications as a service is essentially about embracing the transition to the cloud and a more flexible way of working. UCaaS does not just combine communication strategies. In effect, makes them flexible and scalable adding true value to your business. As a platform, UCaaS transforms the efficiency of your organisation, including everything from business voice to audio video. As a technological solution UcaaS is experiencing rapid growth. This is reflected in worldwide statistics estimating its value to reach 79.3 billion by 2024 which will no doubt continue to increase.

The Pandemic’s Influence on UCaaS

During the last year, the pandemic has accelerated the importance of a top-class communication system to ensure businesses continue to perform at the same efficiency. The dramatic rise in a hybrid workforce has led to companies assessing their own IT infrastructure and if it best supports a geographically diverse workplace. By combining voice, message and video onto one platform you can transform the efficiency to which a business can execute. With the lack of person-to-person contact, having a platform that combines voice, message and video is particularly attractive to many organisations. An article published by Reuters suggested that permanent remote working is expected to double to 34.4% in 2021.

Key Trends/ Cloud Adoption

Ring Central – A leader in UCaaS and CCaaS, globally. As a result of adopting a UCaaS and cloud approach scalability and flexibility within the same platform – with the same tools for performance whether working from home or in the office.

Complete Set-up from Ring Central

By Combining a UCaaS plus Contact Centre service the employee and customer experience is enhanced. Employees hwo are set up for success are happier and more engaged at work. Happier employees create a better experience for customers, resulting in better customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%.

Flexibility and integrations

Cloud Communications will not be restricted which makes your system extremely adaptable. Disconnected apps, mean disconnected work. Ring Central has over 200 out of the box integrations and an open API which means money spent on current technology it not all lost , it can actually be maximised.

Top 5 Benefits of
an integrated system

Results of adopting UCaaS / Savings

UCaaS brings all forms of communication together into one platform. The solution saves on buying hardware features and maintenance to ensure they are functioning. The change from a physical on-premises infrastructure to software and cloud reduces hardware investment, service fees and multiple bills.

Access to information

A cloud-based platform allows for information to be gathered by accessing a substantial amount of information and data. This is more efficient as information is gathered from the same place. Statistics of UCaaS users showed that by using the platform their response rate improved by 20%.

Better Experience

An important element of UCaaS is the effect on employees as well as customers and in addition, the advantages it brings to your experience. You may choose to add AI analytics to your service which provides greater detail behind the information you receive.

Influencing Factors behind security

Powered by the RingCentral Global Connect Network, a unique service delivery architecture that is scalable, secure, and ensures high quality service across geographies. Industry-leading security systems and processes with quarterly audits. Multiple state-of-the-art data centres located in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia and Singapore. The RingCentral CloudConnect service allows enterprises to connect directly to the RingCentral Cloud.

Industry Recognition

6 years in a row : A 2020 Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader IDC MarketScape named RingCentral a Worldwide Leader for UCaaS Service Providers for Enterprise and SMB- 2021 And other accolades from Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, Peer Insights, and Omdia.

A myth that may make businesses think twice about deploying UCaaS is that it is too expensive. A cloud-based model provides a cost-effective strategy that can have great rewards. Having an on-site system that needs hardware and maintenance has many added costs that provide little benefit. A cloud-based solution provides security and maintenance with no added costs, no need to employ people to carry out these functions. As a result, an overall TCO is far greater with a cloud-based system.

In relation to smaller businesses a UCaaS platform can have several cost-effective strategies. The cloud-based solution allows for what you do not. In a small organisation, if there is any damage to the current infrastructure an engineer is needed for security, carrying its own cost. A UCaaS provider takes care of all troubleshooting and adaptation so the system is smooth. This is a continuous process that provides a real sense of reliability. The concept of disaster recovery underlines this. UCaaS platforms are an important part of business community and can redirect calls and manage settings. If hardware is damaged the solution is still in the cloud. This is called disaster recovery as the cloud reassures that your system will always be able to operate effectively.

UCaaS Components

  • Application servers run by UCaaS providers in data centres or public cloud platforms.

  • Software downloaded onto devices and web browsers.

  • Phones or videos that customers gain access from via the internet.

UCaaS is continuing to develop as traditional vendors cannot access the same level of productivity tools. This includes reporting and analytics that can help develop employees and organisations. UcaaS vendors are investing in keeping customers engaged, as well as a forward thinking mindset that is constantly being adapted to find solutions.