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Aequos M&A Digital Transformation

Has your business grown through M&A activities, and as a result, you are running multiple network architectures, vendors and managing a mix of cloud and on-prem resources?

down you know this isn’t optimal – from managing too many suppliers, living with unnecessary security risks, dual running costs, lengthy and painful fault diagnostics are some of the common symptoms. In addition, you know that the numerous work-arounds and ‘sticky-plasters’ could come undone at any point causing business continuity risks and impede disaster recovery processes. Very often business leaders choose to live with this situation, as the alternative of harmonising infrastructure is potentially incredibly daunting, complex, costly and risky. As a result, inertia often prevails until either a major incident causes enough disruption to force a transition, or the gradual erosion in business agility and the ability to keep up with competitors because they are using technology to improve customer experience or operational efficiencies. At this point, the risk of jumping into new infrastructure under duress is incredibly high – consultants will easily sniff out despair and confusion, then use this to their advantage (similar to an electrician coming to repair a botched up DIY job!) Our specialism is making sure this doesn’t happen, by using SD-WAN as a tool to help take you on the journey to a harmonised network, where people can access the business resources they require as efficiently, effectively and securely as possible. We understand that it’s not realistic (financially and/or operationally) to do this transformation overnight, and we can’t close the network down for a period of time whilst the network upgrade work happens! We also know that there needs to be tangible financial benefits – as well as the improvements to the strategic and operational capabilities. By partnering with Aequos, you have access to a highly skilled and experienced team of networking, security and cloud specialists that have an excellent track record of digital transformation. We help to balance the cost vs returns with putting the right technology in place for today and tomorrow. Our approach prepares you for the future, whether that be IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), blockchain, or VR/AR (virtual reality / augmented reality).