11th- Oct - 2021 AEQUOS


A phishing attack is difficult to differentiate because it will be addressed by someone you know or someone that works within your company. A good way to tell is if this person is part of your everyday communication line at your company...
30th- Sept - 2021 AEQUOS

PBX to Cloud Telephony

The term PBX (private branch exchange) refers to a type of telephony system used for internal communication within companies. It allows users to make calls both inside the company and outside, essentially a business phone system.
30th- Sept - 2021 AEQUOS

Global threat of an increase in Ransomware attacks

A ransomware attack can be defined as a type of malware attack where the attacker locks and encrypts the victim's data and important files – then usually demands a payment to unlock and decrypt the data.
7th- Sept - 2021 AEQUOS

The importance of Endpoint Security

The use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any other technological device provides an entry point for threats.
16th- August - 2021 AEQUOS

Firewalls..The essential security function

In the last 25 years, networking security has adapted in many ways to stifle the growing complexity of cyber-threat. With the firewall always an integral part of any security function.
12th- August - 2021 AEQUOS

Network Analytics & Automation

Network analytics can be defined as the analysis of the data passing through a network that provides information that enables the identification of trends.
7th- July - 2021 AEQUOS

The Transformation of SASE

SASE can be defined as secure access service edge, a cloud-based security solution that transforms WAN capabilities with network security. It is identified by Gartner as the most efficient way to securely connect users and devices to applications and services regardless of location.
10th- June - 2021 AEQUOS

AEQUOS M&A - Digital Transformation

Has your business grown through M&A activities, and as a result, you are running multiple network architectures, vendors and managing a mix of cloud and on-prem resources?
10th- June - 2021 AEQUOS

Challenges in the Correlation of Company Growth and Network Growth

As a company experiences exponential growth there are many challenges that arise along the way that are crucial for maintaining a high level of performance...
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