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16th- August - 2021 AEQUOS

Firewalls..The essential security function

In the last 25 years, networking security has adapted in many ways to stifle the growing complexity of cyber-threat. With the firewall always an integral part of any security function.
12th- August - 2021 AEQUOS

Network Analytics & Automation

Network analytics can be defined as the analysis of the data passing through a network that provides information that enables the identification of trends.
7th- July - 2021 AEQUOS

The Transformation of SASE

SASE can be defined as secure access service edge, a cloud-based security solution that transforms WAN capabilities with network security. It is identified by Gartner as the most efficient way to securely connect users and devices to applications and services regardless of location.
10th- June - 2021 AEQUOS

AEQUOS M&A - Digital Transformation

Has your business grown through M&A activities, and as a result, you are running multiple network architectures, vendors and managing a mix of cloud and on-prem resources?
10th- June - 2021 AEQUOS

Challenges in the Correlation of Company Growth and Network Growth

As a company experiences exponential growth there are many challenges that arise along the way that are crucial for maintaining a high level of performance...
17th- May - 2021 AEQUOS

UCaaS and the transformation to cloud

UCaas – The acronym of Unified Communications as a service is essentially about embracing the transition to the cloud and a more flexible way of working. UCaaS does not just combine communication strategies.
17th- May - 2021 AEQUOS

The importance of a secure SD-WAN solution

Over the last year, the pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. This has ranged from trying to protect their previously projected growth, to accepting that the logistics of their workforce has changed forever.
22nd- April - 2021 AEQUOS

The pandemics impact on Business and how SD-WAN can support small and large businesses.

The last year has seen many a change, none more so than the majority of companies choosing to adopt a differing networking strategy.

Aequos is delighted to announce it has been accepted onto the government’s Kickstart Scheme.

Aequos is delighted to have been accepted into the government’s Kickstart Scheme...